Flows of Power: The Political Ecologies of Turkey’s Southeast Anatolia Project

Largescale infrastructural development, particularly the construction of massive dams, have displaced millions of people the world over. Often heralded as monuments to modernization and economic advancement, large dams exemplify the intertwined projects of industrialization and national self-assertion, often at the expense of marginalized cultural groups and the surrounding ecosystem.


Life on the Run: Towards a Botanical Theory of Fugitivity

The amaranth compels us to think through and with the lines of flight and carried stories connecting the human and the botanical; providing strategies to escape and evade whatever -cene we may feel tightening around the globe.


Scenes from the American Hinterlands

Visually archiving social and ecological imagianries in the deindsutrialized thumb of the Midwest


The Racialized Basis of Urban School Siting

The visual spatialization of U.S Census population data and NEPA brownfield sites in metro-Detroit shows the proximity of schools to former and current industrial zones follows historic patterns of red-lining and racial  segregation, negatively impacting student development and school district funding. 


More Friends than the Mountains:
A Comparative Conjunctural Analysis of Kurdish Exile in Rojava and Bakur

Despite a rich history, the complexities of the Kurdish autonomy movement have gone largely unnoticed in contemporary antisystemic discourse reflecting a broader trend of undertheorizing non/anti-state social movements that seek to build alternative forms of governance and social production. *ongoing research

Dillon Foster